What's in the 18650 lithium battery?

April 22, 2020

Let us do a tiny bit of mathematics here about the positive pole inside the mobile phone. Currently normal in the market 2000-3000mah capacity of the battery, the internal anode data has updated from the very first generation LiCoO2 lithium-ion cobalt acid, to ternary data, the chemical title is lini-co-mno2 nickel cobalt manganese. Direct benefits: longer service life, more safety, better functionality. Mention this, Prismatic square-foot bag packaging telephone flat batteries, use is LiNi - Co - MnO2 nickel cobalt manganese info, only with 18650 Cylindrical encapsulation at another manner. Ultimately, have a good look at the data within the cell. The aluminum foil in the figure used to coat the lining-co-mno2 ni-cobalt-manganese anode information, whereas the aluminum foil used to pay graphene—the power of this cell dependent on the percentage of those formulations. Imitation is harmful; disassembly should be careful. Conclusion: Following the brutal disassembly of this 18650 battery cell, it found that there is not any liquid flowing from the battery. Therefore there's no"liquid ion" simply blasting. Actually, under normal conditions, provided that the appropriate usage, but charge, does not experience extreme surroundings, 18650 cells won't pose a safety hazard.
Then, the negative and positive steel cases are separated from sharp nose pliers in the job of the cover of this mobile, exposing the positive and negative information of their safety valve and the bundle.
First, disassemble the cell. Remember to release light; here will likely be 18650 cell discharge to collapse without voltage.
The safety valve is a normal part of each 18650 cells and also among the critical blast barriers. The functioning principle of the security valve: whenever the temperature within the battery is abnormal, and the pressure rises to 1.0-1.2mpa, the safety valve is offered to expel the internal gas to steer clear of the explosion brought on by an excessive force. While once the pressure in the cell rises, the most frequent occurrence is the"maternity" bulge.
The 18650 battery cell is one of the batteries for notebook batteries and mobile power distribution. The shape that is characteristic is a cylindrical cell with a diameter of 18mm and a period of 65mm. In the marketplace of lithium battery is the most typical Cylindrical (Cylindrical) encapsulation manner, this type of the most commonly used in notebooks, wholesome light flashlight class, so the advantage of encapsulation is consistent criteria, easy automation, large-scale production; There is likewise the Prismatic (square) bundle, that is not uncommon in mobile phones and tablet computers. The advantage of this package is that it's frivolous and easy to control the depth of the goods. Many net friends spoke about the 18650 battery, so stressed it full of"liquid lithium ions," talk about the 18650 color change, panic explosion. To the end, some netizens took aside a 18650 battery mobile in their hands to find out what was happening inside.