What is aaa battery? What is the size of the aaa battery? HOPPT BATTERY introduces you.

July 8, 2020

What is aaa battery? What is the size of the aaa battery? HOPPT BATTERY introduces you.


What is a AAA battery?

AAA batteries, a DRY battery standard in the United States, are compatible with China's No. 7 or Taiwan's No. 4.

The battery is cylindrical, 43.6 mm high, and 10.1 mm in diameter.

It's a standard battery, smaller than an A.A. battery.

It commonly used in electronic products with small size and low power consumption, such as MP3 player, little remote control, etc.

There are disposable alkaline batteries as well as rechargeable nickel-hydrogen and lithium-ion batteries.


Battery Number 7 is a daily necessity. When you change the battery for various remote controls, have you ever noticed that it might be a

battery number 7?

The easiest way to identify a battery is by its appearance, and the size seven battery also has this recognition function.

So, let's start with the size of seven batteries.


The number 7 battery is a cylindrical battery, and you know, the values for a cylinder are the diameter and the height.

Undoubtedly, the size of battery No. 7 also expressed in terms of diameter and height. According to IEC regulations, the height of ordinary battery No. 7 is 44.5mm, and the width is 10.5mm.


The most common types of disposable no. Seven batteries are carbon and alkaline. In the IEC nominating standards, no. Seven carbon batteries write as R03, where R stands for round and 03 for size.

No. 7 alkaline battery written as LR03, where L stands for alkaline, R stands for the round, and 03 stands for size and model.

By the way, the No. 7 battery is called aaa in the U.S., the R03 is spelled UM-4 in Japan, the LR03 spelled AM-4, and in Taiwan, both um-4 and AM-4 are called No. 4 batteries.

Since these claims represent the same product, aaa battery size and four battery sizes are the same as the Chinese seven battery size.

However, when listening to Japanese or Taiwanese talking about no. Seven battery, you should ask him to explain the parameters of his No. 7 battery size and compare it with American or IEC standards to confirm that it is Chinese No. 7 battery.


In the case of a specific battery manufacturer, the design standard of the manufacturer is not consistent with the international standard, and the regular deviation from the same manufacturer's battery can also occur.

Therefore, domestic manufacturers generally regard the size of IEC standard no. Seven battery as the largest.

In the actual production, the value range of no. Seven battery size is given, for example, the diameter is between 9.5mm and 10.5mm, and the height is between 43.5mm and 44.5mm.


The size seven battery can also be extended to rechargeable nickel-cadmium and nickel-hydrogen batteries, which have gradually withdrawn from the market due to the harmful effects of cadmium.

But in the electronics market, large and small, if you see the light green battery the size of a number seven battery, it's usually a number seven nickel-metal hydride battery.


Due to the small size and capacity of No. 7 battery, no. Seven battery is suitable for small or small battery discharge electrical appliances, but the convenience of no. Seven battery size makes no. Seven cells popular in the market, providing power for manufacturers to improve the performance of No. 7 battery.

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What is the number of aaa battery?

Batteries generally classified into 1, 2, 3, 5, and 7, among which 5 and 7 are particularly commonly used.


A.A. batteries are number 5, and AAA batteries are number 7!

A.A. and AAA are all about battery models.


Such as:


A.A. commonly referred to as no. Five battery. Its overall size is 14mm in diameter and 49mm in height.


AAA is what we usually call no. Seven battery. The overall size is 11mm in diameter and 44mm in height.

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How do ordinary AAA batteries distinguish rechargeable batteries?

1. If the battery has marked with Recommissioning, it means it is rechargeable.


2. Look at the voltage. The voltage of the rechargeable battery is 1.2V, and the energy of the disposable battery is 1.5V.

See whether there is the capacity number on the label next; if there indicated capacity, it is a rechargeable battery.


3. Use a straight charger to check whether the phone shows charging status;

With the universal charge, see whether the indicator light is on if it is on, it means to command.


4. Use specialized instruments for testing.


5. Non-rechargeable alkaline batteries are all equipped with L.R. symbols. The most commonly used A.A. or AAA rechargeable batteries are Ni-MH rechargeable batteries with the mark of N.I. M.H.