The use of a spent battery is it radioactive

April 21, 2020

The use of waste batteries
Did you throw away all the waste batteries in your home?
Do you know that old battery are still useful?
Here are a few practical and straightforward ways to make your life more convenient.
Here's a look at what used batteries can do for you!
One of the best USES of used batteries is to continue using the dead ones
Don't throw a dead battery at home. You can tap it with a heavy object and keep it on the remote control or mouse for another month.
The smart use of used batteries two: blunt scissors become sharp
How do the scissors at home become dull wrong use to do?
Don't worry!
Just cut the old batteries out of the scissors, and they become sharp.
Used batteries no.three: solve the problem that garbage bags always slide
Do garbage bags often slide?
The garbage bag on the trash can slip after only a few turns?
First, prepare two waste batteries, and then tear a bar of tape, the battery will be glued to the garbage can on the left and right sides of the symmetry, then the cell next to the videotape cut a small mouth, the last part of the garbage bag on the battery.
4. Remove static electricity from clothes
Are sweaters prone to static electricity in winter?
Just rub the positive end of the battery against the clothing to prevent static electricity.
How to use your old battery as a touchscreen pen
Winter wears gloves to keep warm but can't play with the phone how to do it?
All you need to do is find an old battery and use the negative side of the cell as a touchscreen pen to click.
After reading this life tip, are you willing to throw away old batteries?
Does the waste battery emit radiation
Waste batteries do not emit radiation, and their hazards are mainly heavy metals, such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and so on.
These toxic substances enter the human body through a variety of ways; long-term accumulation is challenging to eliminate, damage the nervous system, hematopoietic function and bone, and can even cause cancer.
The lead nervous system (neurasthenia, numbness in hands and feet), digestive system (indigestion, abdominal cramps), blood poisoning, and other disorders.
Mercury: mental changes are a significant symptom of mercury poisoning.
Rapid pulse, muscle tremors, and lesions of the mouth and digestive system.
Cadmium, manganese: main harm nervous system.
The components of these batteries are stored in the battery shell during use and do not affect the environment.
But after a long period of mechanical wear and corrosion, so that the internal heavy metals and acid and alkali leakage into the soil or water, through various ways into the human food chain.