Six ways to improve iPhone charging efficiency

April 22, 2020

Though all versions since the iPhone 8 have supported rapid charging, there's absolutely no free, rapid charging appliance at the initial accessories. If you do not need to buy an additional smart charger, then there are a number of ways to boost the charging speed of your iPhone.
1. Charge your iPhone having an iPad charger
If you have an iPad, you can use the iPad charger to charge the iPhone. Since the iPad charger has a power of 10W, which is a lot greater than the iPhone charger, the charging process can be performed faster.
Also, it's a myth that utilizing an iPad charger can damage an iPhone battery.
2. Power off and charge faster
If you turn off the iPhone and charge it, the time required is minimal.
The reason is straightforward, the iPhone is that the most power consumption of this display, CPU, and baseband, following the shutdown of these several power users have stopped working, charging speed increased.
Flight mode can also shorten charging time
If you don't want to turn it off, you are able to charge it quicker by turning it on in plane mode.
Do not be reluctant to recharge instantly.
Many men and women are used to charging their iPhones before going to bed during the night and unplugging them in the early hours, which does not do much harm to battery life.
That's because the iPhone stops charging if it's finished, and instead, maintaining the lithium battery as complete as possible is better for extending battery life.
Do not wait for the battery to operate low.
Don't await the iPhone's battery into an outside site. To fall below 20 percent before recharging. It is not reasonable to"completely discharge" battery.
Charge with the Lighting connector
Charging with a data line is a lot quicker than wireless charging since the energy conversion efficiency of the radio charging process is very low.