In 2020, China's lithium battery demand for new and upgraded 5G base stations will reach 10GWh

April 21, 2020

the progress of new base stations in overseas markets is accelerating. In foreign markets like Southeast Asia and South Asia, on account of the effects of the social environment, the power grid is less stable than that in China. The power outage guarantee time required by new base stations significantly increased, and the penetration rate of lithium batteries will be accelerated.
The 5G industry of china is taking form in 2018-2019 with firm support. In June 2019, a 5G permit issued. From a global standpoint, 5G has attained phased benefits in terms of technology, criteria, and industrial ecology, and community installation, etc.. Software situations, 5G landing's last phase, are gradually being accomplished in many walks of life.
HOPPT analysis of 5 grams base station lithium battery business and combining the actual situation of the current 5-gram base station construction and future development tendency, the primary study analysis 5 g new base channel (Acer station, micro base station), 4-gram base stations to replace lithium-ion batteries, lithium-ion batteries pilot usage retired power lithium-ion, etc., as well as the international import and export information and program integration program, are given.
Therefore, 5G will require a significant number of small base stations to complete a more in-depth and broader coverage to support the demand for large capacity, and the number of small base stations expected to grow in the future.
Micro base station: 5 g communication on account of the high frequency made from super-dense network technology, a high rate for Acer station: coverage is too small, establish the price is too high, coupled with Acer station deployment difficulty, site resources aren't natural to get, so, in 5 g network resources will no longer use high-frequency Acer, microcells become mainstream, form with small base stations as the basic unit, to super-dense network, small base station dense deployment.
5G and infrastructure engineering projects will be vigorously developed in China in 2020, and 5G base stations will be an inevitable trend to be vigorously promoted in 2020 under the two-way driving effect. The demand for base stations will release in the future, as China mobile starts the bidding for lithium battery for the base station. HOPPT predicts that the need will reach 10GWh for 5G stations in 2020.
5G base channels: statistics show that at the end of 2019, China will have added 1.74 million base channels, bringing the complete number of base stations to more than 8.41 million, of which 64.7 percent are 4G base stations, or about 5.44 million, and the whole number of 5G base channels to more than 130,000. Except for a few remote locations, base stations have covered the territory that was Chinese. Because of this rising coverage speed, the building of communication programs entered a recession period from 2016 to 2018. With all the commercialization of both 5G, the development of communication base stations may reach a new summit.
The increment was from the cascade batteries purchased by the tower. By comparison, the increase of new lithium batteries was lower directly because of the delay of bidding by the three major operators.
Since the usage frequency of this 5G network increases along with the policy selection of base stations decreases, the number of 5G base stations required to be two to three times the current quantity of 4G base stations. Presently, the number of all 4G base stations of the three big telecom operators in China has exceeded 5 million. As 5G plays an essential part in boosting economic development, industrial upgrading, and technological and scientific development, 5G community construction has become a national approach, and most provinces, municipalities directly under the central government, autonomous regions, and manufacturing and construction corps have issued green light policies for 5G construction.
According to the plan of domestic operators, 5G networks will built-in pilot cities from 2019 to 2020, and after the commercialization of 5G is started in 2019, it is going to enter the collection cycle of macro station construction.